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Superman's Lament

Superman's Lament


Superman's Lament 

John Smillie, 2017


My thanks to Jim, Brian, Ben, Sean and Shaun for all their help guidance and encouragement, but especially for their patience, as they helped me through this recording process.  Their exceptional musical ability served as a constant reminder to me that I was right not to try to make a living from music!  My thanks too to Joseph for agreeing to do the artwork and the layout for the cover.  He is a perfectionist, and did not deserve me asking him to do this.  Finally, I am indebted to my wife, Di, and friends, for persistently nagging me to create this record of my humble ditties. Needless to say, I am indebted to my wife for just about everything else too, but there isn’t space here to go into that, Joseph, as sleeve cover editor, tells me.


Recording and mastering: Jim Riley and Brendan Esmonde.



Jim Riley: bass, percussion, harmonica.

Ben Jones: keyboards, harmonies.

Brian Carter: guitar solo on Skiing.

John Smillie: guitar and vocals


Recorded at Ten 21 Studios, Bearsted, Kent: It’s an Eccles Cake, Lucky in Love, Dream Home, Diamond in the Rough, Where are the Words?, Roots.


Recording and mastering: Sean Kenny.



Sean Kenny: third harmony on Roots … and harmony advisor

Shaun Murray: virtuoso guitar(s) and mandolin (Lucky in Love, Diamond in the Rough, Roots)

John Smillie: guitar, harmonica and vocals.   


All songs written and composed by John Smillie. 

All rights reserved to John Smillie.


Artwork and graphics layout:: Joseph Smillie

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